Welcome to my website.

I'm John Ritchie, freelance Software Architect / .NET Developer living in Houston Texas.

Announcement: Quake USA Software Store Is Now Open

So what can you expect to find here? Of course there will be some on programming, after all I have been doing that since my teens pushing the limits of the TI-99/4A; my first computer. Which I still have and last I checked, still worked. I've been programming ever since. Mostly I'm a .NET developer, but I also do work on Unix/Linux in ANSI C at times.

My specialty is automating highly complex processes. I've created software that will design a reciprocating compressor, including P&ID's, based on a few data points. Designed and implemented automated test systems to exercise and validate Windows images on new computers, implemented a SCADA design system, programmed libraries with matching functions in both C# and ANSI C for a solid rock gas chromatograph. Enough about my projects, read my resume or contact me if you want to know more.

My interests go beyond programming though, and are numerous and varied; my website reflects who I am.

  • Software Development How To's
  • Photography and Digital Art
  • Microcontrollers, Sensors, and Robotics
  • RC Helicopters, Quads, and Drones
  • Experimentation with Solar Furnaces and Tesla Coils
  • My Musings on the current state of societal affairs

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Azalia Image - Quake USA

What's New:

Software Development: How-To - Observable Collections,
Data Binding, & Complex Automation In WPF Quake USA Widget Manager

R/C Fun: JJ R/C H11 Quad -
Cheap, Durable, Fast, But Forget Taking Pics
JJ R/C H11 Quad Copter and accessories

Digital Art: Lots Of New Images, Be Sure To Take A Look
Quake USA - Lyns Dark Rites

Photography: Smile, Smile, Crocodile.
Pets-A-Plenty Resident Caiman
Quake USA - Caiman, Resident At Pets-A-Plenty


  • Custom Software Development
  • Website Development
  • Microcontroller Development
  • Custom Media

Convert old R/C Tank to Arduino Controlled Autonomous Vehicle
Old R/C Tank Stripped Down

Miscellaneous Fun Stuff: Use This $3.00 Page
Magnifier As A Solar Furnace
Polycarbonate Page Magnifier