Software Architect and Solutions Provider, specializing in the automation of complex processes and systems. Pivotal technical resource, and solutions driven strategist who consistently improves efficiencies, productivity and the bottom line.

     Demonstrated success for over 25 years, supporting business-critical operations and systems integration for diverse industries/organizations, including Compaq, Halliburton, Tenneco, HP, IBM, BP, and Enerflex.

  • Skilled at identifying problems in initial stages and executing quick solutions; adept at communicating with developers to resolve product defects.

  • Strong team leader and mentor with a talent for building solid, lasting relationships with clients, vendors, management, staff, and end-users.

  • Inventive contributor, with a "make it happen" attitude, always delivering on commitments. Exceptional ability to work well under pressure and complete projects with aggressive time lines.

  • Resourceful at automating complex manual processes to save man-hours, while providing quicker time to market and increase development work-flow efficiency.

Professional Experience / Projects

Quake USA Software Development
Custom Software Applications and User Controls available for purchase

  • Arachnid
    Eight pronged power web search crawler. Automates StartPage, Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines plus a user specified list as seed URL's for crawling. Processes thousands of URL's for deep search results

  • Stock News Scanner
    Service providing weekly news on over 2500 under $5.00/share stocks

  • IP Search
    Utility to track active / periodic internet IP addresses

  • Web Pounder
    Server stress testing. Simulates 1 to 1000 users navigating a spcified URL, can run multiple instances to multiply the user count

  • Custom Controls:

    • Custom Status Control
      Themed WPF Status Control; useful for debugging or user messaging. Features a "lazy" message que to reduce application stress, Message flushing, Output To File

    • Digital Clock
      Classic Green Digital Clock, large display, custom graphics, self contained, just show / hide when needed

    • Arachnid Status Control
      Graphical interface to show status of eight processes, easily modifiable, useful to show status of long running processes when the UI freezes

C#, WPF, Threading, Custom Graphics: Vue Studio, Photoshop, Visual Studio, SQL Server 7/2018 - Present

Multiple How-To Projects
Wrote instructional website demo programs and articles convering various aspects of C# WPF application development.

  • Data Encryption
    Unbreakable Encryption based on Cold War Spy Algorithm

  • Network Enumeration
    Determination of all active network connections

  • Arduino Controlled Tank
    Creation and programming of an Arduino micro-controller

  • Digital Clock
    Creation of a custom digital clock

  • Internet IP Crawler
    Using Ping services to find active global IP's

  • System Conversion Manager
    how to maintain different systems of measurement and conversion between systems

  • Spider Web Crawler
    Learning to crawl the internet

C#, Data Binding, WPF, Third Party Controls, Ansi C, Windows Forms, SQL DB, MS Access
2016 - 2018

QUSA Morse Code Trainer
Selectable speed, frequency, MP3 creation of text to Morse Code. Contains support for American, Continental, and International versions of Morse. Software for sale, store coming soon.

  • C#, WPF, NAudio, WPF Sound Visualization Library, Visual Studio
  • 2/2018 - 3/2018

Inventory System
Created Inventory Tracking system with bar code support

  • Visual Studio, C#, SQL Server Express
  • Cillis Car Care 9/2017 - 10/2017

Hotel Reservation Booking System
Developed simple reservation system for Chanyle Bed n Breakfast; features include history tracking, marketing functions, auto-email confirmations Proprietor requested VB.NET due to familiarity and wanted to be able to learn / modify as well as have a working system. They were still using paper and pen ;)

  • VB.NET, SQL Server Express
  • 4/2017 - 5/2017

Website Development / Modifications / Upgrades
Multiple webstie development, content generation, javascript actions, re-designs, storefront creation, minor upgrades, and trouble-shooting. Cillis Car Care, Louetta Chiropractic, Top Dog, Fast And Loud Custom Car Creations, Texas Elite Care, and others

  • ASP.NET, HTML5, CSS, Python, Javascript, Perl, Expression Web, Visual Studio
  • 3/2015 - 8/2017

Deep Sea Exploratory Robotic Vessel DS-ERV
DS-ERV desgined for Coral Reef Exploration. Developed real-time diagnostic / command / control software for dual BeagleBone blacks running Unbuntu Linux. Electronics included GPS, Dual-pressure sensors, Motors (embedded Velocity and Accelorometers, HD Cameras, Tilt/Axis array to manager pitch/yaw/AOD, Flash drive as a black-box record of all activity, etc.

  • ANSI C, Linux
  • Finnish Private Co. 9/2016 - 12/2016

Arduino Controlled Greenhouse
Engineered and programmed an Arduino based Environmental Controller for a 300 sq.ft. Farm-To-Market Greenhouse. Program developed in ANSI C for the Arduino controllers and a C# Windows application for command / control of the facility. MS Access database for historic data gathering. Monitored Humidity, Temperature, Water Levels. Operated Vents, Blowers, Misters, and regulated Water Flow. Error conditions monitored for and alerted via alarm.

  • Command/Control App - C# (.NET 4.0), Arduino monitoring software - Ansi C, Electronic Assembly of all components and sealed to withstand the environment
  • Private Investor 2/2016 - 7/2016

Reciprocating Compressor Design Software
Architect of FlexWare; an engineering program when given minimum input requirements, software would outline all essential elements, and calculated values as well as produce a complete P&ID for all stages of a reciprocating compressor design to satisfy the requirements. Application was designed for Engineers to easily switch out or add custom parts due to the conceptual object design, the program would also update all impacted elements with new calculated values as well as update the P&ID drawings for the appropriate stage(s). Ariel SDK was incorporated into the application for ease of Ariel compressors. Data was stored utilizing Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. All associated measurements were able to independently change metrics at the object level. The application was designed with tear away panels for use with multiple monitors, multiple themes, and several third party tools, including one to process Adobe PDF. This tool allowed manipulation of a multi-layer template P&ID which is used to create final P&ID that will be used to assemble the custom multi-stage compressor.

  • C#, Azure DB, WPF, Custom Controls, Custom Graphics, Visual Studio 2015, Team Studio
  • Enerflex 7/2013 - 8/2015

Safety System Entry & Reporting
Shop safety is tracked by cards with data fields manually filled out by employees. A system was created to expedite the entry of the safety cards, along with metrics that track the time it takes to enter the data. Dashboard reporting rolled up all safety results per week, per manager and all associated employees. This was the first time that the metrics were able to be presented and gave a real insight to particular safety issues.

  • C#, Win Forms MS Access, Visual Studio
  • Enerflex 10/2014

Network Path Correction
Network platform allowed creation of Project folder paths that exceed 255 characters, which is the limit of the archiving software being used. What once was a tedious manual process to rename erroneous folder paths is now a quick, efficient process with logging and a reference map showing the old folder path and the new valid folder path. The utility even copied the Project files to the new folder structure.

  • C#, Win Forms, Networking, Threading, Visual Studio 2010
  • Enerflex 3/2014

Solid Rock Analyzer System
This was a system that was designed to measure hydrocarbon content in solid rock samples. Two units comprised the system: one that ran Windows 7 and the Beagle Board running Linux at the heart of the rock analyzer itself. Requirements were that the rock analyzer could be managed and run from the Windows unit, or a script is created and uploaded to the rock analyzer which could then run independently of the Windows unit. This required matching libraries in C# and Ansi C. A secured method of communicating between the systems was created using a Cold War spy algorithm. Operating the system required interfacing with sensors, stepper motors, servos, compression valves, and heating elements.

  • C#, Ansi C, Custom Controls, Custom Graphics, Windows Form, Visual Studio 2012, Beagle Board, Electronics
  • Wildcat Development 6/2012 - 9/2012

Software designed to develop Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems. Allowed for the rapid development and installation of SCADA systems with schematic, simulation, and monitoring capabilities.

  • C#, WPF, Third Party Controls, SQL Server, Visual Studio 2012
  • Wildcat Development 10/2011 - 5/2012

Image Development and Deployment
Utilizing Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, created and deployed Windows XP and 7 images to company supported computers.

  • Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, Batch Files
  • IBM 8/2010 - 1/2011

Non-Compliant PC Utility
Created a utility to monitor and retrieve non-compliant PC's attached to the corporate network, results were stored in a MS Access database and displayed via web page for management to assess the progress.

  • ASP.NET, VB.NET, ADO.NET, MS Access, Win Forms, Visual Studio 2008
  • IBM 8/2010 - 1/2011

Scripting Test Lab
Setup and monitored a scripting test lab to support remote application scripters. Utilized Windows Remote Mangement to obtain what units were used, duration of activity, user signed on to the unit, and number of units available. Results displayed real-time on a web page dashboard.

  • C#, WPF, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, MS Access, Win Forms, Visual Studio 2008
  • IBM 8/2010 - 1/2011

Designed and maintained Titan for the automated retrieval of various data artifacts from third party websites. Titan was multi-threaded application for the rapid download of large quantities of data files and web pages according to customer selections. Titan utilized an MS Access database for advanced application logging.

  • VB.NET, ASP.NET, XAML, MS Access, MySQL, Visual Studio 2005
  • TomorrowNow 7/2006 - 8/2008

Process Automation Expert, Tools Development
Projects included

  • Translation Database Management
    Managed localized software text and cooresponding translations for the mobile software development team
  • Multi-Part Installation Utility
    Custom multi-part application installation for customers that did not have CD capability, all software and tools were split among 3.5 inch disks and reassembled into a zip file on the customer machine
  • Automated CD Development & Management System
    Automated the development of the CD application delivery process. Program would assemble a CD structure and associated XML automatically from the Project Management Team Excel Software Devliverable spreadsheet

VB.NET, C#, XML, Win Mobile, MS Access, SQL Server
Hewlett Packard 11/2005 - 7/2006

Open Plan
Responsible for new and sustaining development on Enterprise Project Management Application designated Open Plan. Supported internal consultants and clients directly with problems to provide rapid solutions. Created a utility that alllowed Open Plan to data exchange with Microsoft Project and Primavera Project Planner.

  • C++, VB.NET, C#, MS Access, Win Forms, Visual Studio 2005
  • Welcom 7/2004 - 7/2005

Automation/Application Development Lead
Projects included:

  • Standardized Manual Testing Of Integrated Localized Operating Systems
    This increased problem resolution while decreasing issues missed.
  • Designed & Implemented High Speed OS Download Lab
    Increased efficiency 250% and became the standard for test labs in the Engineering Group.
  • Implemented Automated Testing Of Operating System Images
    60% of manual testing became automated. This allowed for quick determination of Operating System image and allowed for expanded manual testing improving overall quality of product to market. Mentored other test teams with the implementation of automated testing.
  • Automated Localized Software Development
    Created a tool suite that facilitated the exporting of all text messages from DOS and internally developed software, database to process the text with any existing translations ensuring that only new text gets translated, and finally the means to import the translated text into the software. The manual process of developing the localized software used to be 12 - 16 weeks. The automation reduced the time to market to 4 weeks for localized versions of DOS operating systems and value-added product software.

Ansi C, Dataflex (database), VB, Visual Test (Visual Basic based Test API)
Compaq Computer Corp. 6/1987 - 2/1992; 2/1995 - 9/2001