It is called many things but the intent is the same, getting an innocent person involved in global theft, money laundering, and financial fraud. At first it seems somewhat legitimate with a website backing it. But it is the little things that give it away. The "From" and "Reply To" fields are different, why not send it from the company itself? Below is the email:

Work From Home Shipping Inspector Scam

$2300 a month spare time not bad. I replied to this one first and this is the email I received from "New Products Turnover".

Work From Home Shipping Courier Scam

There is even an offer letter that leads me to a website to fill in my application information. Here, let me just go ahead and give you my identity while I'm at it... (DUH!) Want to see the companies home page -- sure you do; here it is:

SCAM: Drop Shipper Website Is Empty
The website is empty except for the picture! No menu, no business information, no contact info; absolutely nothing. Yeah, right "Support Services" - what a joke!

Bear in mind that there really is such a thing a "Drop Shipping", Wikipedia defines it as such: Supply Chain Management. When you start getting emails with lucrative offers for just sending boxes, BEWARE! It is probably a front for a not-so-legal job. I wonder if it is another one of those "government sponsored" attacks underwritten by Putin, since a large quantity of stolen merchandise and money ends up in Russia! More on Putin in another article...

Here are links (only a few but there are many) that explains the various aspects of this SCAM!
U.S. Postal Inspection Service Mail Fraud Schemes

WHNT 19 News Article - Work-from-home scam exposed:
     U.S. Postal Inpsectors say online 'reshipping' company is a fraud

Krebson Security - Shady Reshipping Centers Exposed, Part 1

Final thoughts.

Beware strange offers even if they sound really good. Research any Work-From-Home job offer thoroughly, make sure there is more than a stranger on the end of an email to answer questions. STRANGER DANGER! Not just for kids!