Newest scam seems to be the "EZ Battery Reconditioning Program" for only $47.00. LOL! The first hint that something is wrong, was my Spam filter had a bunch of these emails in it advertising this program. I checked it out, it is one of those long drawn out legit looking marketing jobs which tells you everything except how the program actually works.

The second thing that gives this away is that the owner might have to take the website down at any moment due to "pressure from the bad guys" - {cue orchestra music - Dah Dah Daaaah} Any legitimate website is not forced to be taken down, especially not for giving away the big secret to batteries. They also offer a money-back refund, but how do you collect if they pull down the website???

The internet has been flooded with it so that the first several pages of any search engine result yields hundreds of links leading to the "EZ Battery Reconditioning" system. The master site is hiding it's identity, ok; no great crime there but it is suspicious to pretend to be a United States hosted site, yet it is not hosted in the USA.

EZ Battery Program Scam

I left the master web page up after viewing the presentation and did some research online. During this time, the website first offered a discount since I was on so long.

EZ Battery Program Scam

Original $47 dollar price dropped to $37, and then when I tried to close the browser window it dropped it to $27.

EZ Battery Program Scam

I feel sorry for anyone who paid full price.

The net result is everything you need to know is already online for free. Yes there are some things you can do for some batteries depending on how bad off they are. Helpful tips are online. I will list a few at the end of this article. I have a battery bank system for power outages made up of deep-cycle batteries. I deal with RC copters and quads which use Lithium - Ion and NiCd (nickel-cadmium). My point, all are expensive so of course we want to do all that we can to keep them going and not have to buy more. But there is no magic bullet that just revives all batteries. As a matter of fact, it can be dangerous if you don't know what you are doing and you try to work on a battery yourself.

This is an excellent source for battery information and it is free! Battery University

Here is one specifically for Marine deep-cycle batteries.

Do some searching, YouTube has a lot of legitimate videos on the how-tos of certain batteries. Don't waste your money on the "EZ Battery Reconditioning" system!!!

Final thoughts.

I'm always a bit on the suspicious side when it comes to these lengthy marketing campaigns, even the legitimate ones. They take so long to finally come to the point, what is it, how does it work, and how much is it for bloody sake. If it can't be stated clearly and directly then beware!