I attended a seminar on playing the bounce on Penny Stocks based on news gathered. This sounded really good to me until I saw the price tag! Almost $4000 for a year subscription. I created a custom web crawler that scans the web for news on over 2500 stocks. I created a list of all the stocks that were $5.00 and under, the crawler uses this list to hunt for news on each company. The search defaults to the past week, but the program has the capability to search for the past month, past week, or the past 24 hours. The program scans several hundred thousand URL's in it's quest for knowledge.

Screen shot of the program in action

Stock News Scanner - Quake USA Software Development

The program outputs two HTML documents, the first is a company by company list that contains the number of articles found for each company. The second is the output of the company, article description, and link to the full article.

Summary File - Ran July 18th, 2018

Article File - Ran July 18th, 2018

Not all news is useful, but I have found a high percentage of news articles that have yielded some amazing results. Information is power, the Stock News Scanner is that power.

I will be making the output to the Stock News Scanner available through pay as you go type subscription. It will be substantially less than the subscription mentioned at the beginning of this article. Stay tuned for further details or contact me if you want to know more.