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Quake USA Q.U.A.R.K. ψ

Q.U.A.R.K. Main Screen   Quake USA Q.U.A.R.K. Icon

Quake USA Q.U.A.R.K. Main Screen

Q.U.A.R.K. is a simple but powerful utility. For ultimate security, no one will be able to read the message unless you want them to by giving them the "Key". Based on a Cold War Spy Algorithm; Q.U.A.R.K.'s Encryption technique is unbreakable. It can NOT be hacked. It can NOT be brute force decoded.

Email, Skype, Confidential text files - Q.U.A.R.K.'s versatility makes it easy to encode messages on any messenger platform just by using simple copy and paste, e-mails become nonsense except to the person that has the Key, and a list of off-shore bank accounts ;) are yours and yours alone. If it is text it can be encrypted, ensuring that only you and any recipients you entrust with the Key can read it.

  • Your Parents can't read it
  • Online Bullies can't read it
  • Your Boss can't read it
  • The Police can't read it
  • The Military can't read it
  • The FBI, CIA, MI6, or even Interpol can't read it
  • The Government can't read it

The Main Menu for Q.U.A.R.K. is very simple, below are listed the actions you can perform with the menu items.

  • File
    • Load File - Loads a plain text file for encryption, or loads an encrypted text file for decryption
    • Exit - Exit the program

  • Help
    • About - Program Information screen
    • Help - This document

The two main Areas of the program for user input are the Key and the Message Area.

The Key is alpha-numeric-symbolic case sensitive encryption string. Valid size is 10 characters minimum to 150 characters maximum. The Key will not show in the edit field and it is not saved in the message, so unless someone is watching you type or there is a key-stroke monitor on your computer; then the only security risk is you!

The Message Area is for either plain text needing encryption, or an encrypted message that needs to be decrypted. The Message Area is a multi-line editing capable area (No formatting, go open MS Word if you want to make a pretty document). The "Enter" key will insert a new line as you type text into the Message Area. The following methods are for entering text into the Message Area.

  • You can type text directly into the Message Area
  • You can copy (CTRL+C) from a text source such as Skype or an e-mail and paste (CTRL+V) into the Message Area
  • You can load a file which will be read directly into the Message Area

The following characters are recoginized by Q.U.A.R.K.

  • Uppercase: A thru Z
  • Lowercase: a thru z
  • Numbers: 0 thru 9
  • Symbols: < > @ . , ( ) [ ] = + - / ? ! $ : ; #
  • Keyboard: Enter and Spacebar

The two buttons on the upper left side of the screen: Encrypt and Decrypt of course toggle the text in the Message Area between plain text and encrypted text, utilizing the entered Key.

To Encrypt: type or load text into the Message Area, type in a Key (10 - 150 char), then click the Encrypt button.

To Decrypt: copy and paste the encoded text or load it from a file into the Message Area, type in the Key, then click the Decrypt button.

NOTE: If the Key exceeds the maximum length of 150 characters a warning message will be displayed. Q.U.A.R.K. can either truncate the Key, or if Cancel is selected then the Key input Area will be cleared and the User can enter a new Key. If the Key is less than 10 characters, then the Status Display will show an error message, Key input Area will be cleared and entry of a new Key will be required.

An Encrypted Message

Quake USA Q.U.A.R.K. Main Screen - After Encryption

The buttons on the lower left side of the screen: ClipBoard and To File allow for quick and easy interaction with text services like messenger and e-mail applications; or to easily save sensitive information quickly to file.

Click ClipBoard: all encrypted text in the message Area will be copied to the Windows Clipboard, change focus to your text application, for example - Skype; and press CTRL+V (paste).

Cllck To File: all encrypted text will be saved to a file in the default path and to a created filename. A confirmation dialog will appear showing the path that will be used and a created filename that, if left unedited (User editable) will be used to save the encrypted information to. An extension of ".txt" will be added to the filename automatically.

Save File Window

Quake USA Q.U.A.R.K. File Save Window

The Status Display - the bottom portion of Q.U.A.R.K.'s interface is an on going list of all actions performed for this session. It can be saved to file if needed by clicking the small Output button. It does not contain the Key and the most likely use of saving it would be if for some reason a problem occurs, then the output of the Status Display would be beneficial to me to analyze and improve the application.

Last thing to mention is Help About Q.U.A.R.K. which brings up a dialog with the version, a link to my website, and some legal stuff.

Quake USA Q.U.A.R.K. About Window

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Trivia: The movie The Numbers Station (2013) - John Cusack, Malin Akerman; makes use of this type of code.

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