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Welcome to Quake USA

I'm John Ritchie, Software Architect / .NET Developer; welcome to my website! I specialize in automating - complex manual processes, disparate systems, old applications, and bringing order from chaos.

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Software Architect and .NET Developer at Quake USA

Software Architect / .NET Developer

Automated design software for Recriprocating Compressors ψ High Temp Hydrocarbon Solid Rock Analyzer Command and Control System ψ Rapid design software for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems (SCADA)

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John Ritchie Software Development Languages Skillset - C#, WPF, WinForms, VB.NET, ASP.NET, C/C++, Python, SQL

Process Automation Expert,
Software Tools Development

Translation Database Management Software
Custom Multi-Part Installation Utility
Automated CD Development & Management System
Automated Windows Image Testing Suite
Titan - PeopleSoft Artifact Search & Downloader

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John Ritchie Software Development, Web Development, Multi-Platform Programmer, Database Design and Applications, Software Automation

Quake USA Stock Herald
A New Way To Trade

Stock Herald is a co-operative stock analysis and investing web platform. Internet spiders continuously provide raw news gathering. Microsoft AI processes news into categories of: breaking, market, and company for analysis by the community.

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Quake USA Stock Herald is a co-operative stock analysis and investing web platform

Quake USA Commercial Software
For Sale

Quark - unbreakable encryption / decryption software for text, files, and messaging.
Web Pounder - simulate 1 to 1000 simultaneous users navigating a website.

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Quake USA Software - Quark unbreakable encryption / decryption software for text, files, and messaging

Freelance Software Architect &
.NET Developer

Deep Sea Exploratory Robotic Vessel (DS-ERV) Command & Control System
Automotive Repair Inventory System
Bed & Breakfast Reservation Management System

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Freelance Software Architect and .NET Developer available for your next project

Software Development
How-To's Articles

Data Encryption ψ Network Enumeration ψ Internet IP Crawler ψ System Conversion Manager ψ Spider Web Crawler ψ Custom WPF Status Control ψ Custom Classes

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Quake USA Instructional Software Development How-To Articles

Software Architect / .NET Developer

15+ years experience with:

  •  C# (WPF & Forms)
  •  C++ / ANSI C
  •  SQL (Azure)
  •  Python
  •  HTML / CSS
  •  XML
  •  MS Access & Excel Office Development

Software Automation Expert / Tools Development

  •  Custom Classes / Libraries
  •  Database Design
  •  Ai & Deep Learning Development
  •  Command & Control Systems
  •  Web Development

Quake USA Stock Herald
A New Way To Invest

  • Co-operative stock analysis & investing platform
  • Powerful internet Spyders provide raw news gathering
  • AI processes news to breaking, market, and company; for analysis by the community

Quake USA Software For Sale

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