What Is digital Art?

For the classic definition, Wikipedia defines it as such:

Digital art is an artistic work or practice that uses digital technology as an essential part of the creative or presentation process.

In reality, digital art is just like a fine box of pastels, a wonderous collection of oils, an enormous collection of colorful crayons; tools like any other that provide the conduit for expression by someone.

As with "Physical" Art, Digital Art encompasses many tool sets (and growing daily) for one to express themselves in the digital world. Sometimes the line becomes a bit blurry as to where digital and physical art begin and end or even intertwine to form something new and wonderful.

For example, I saw a wonderous display of light art, using 100 quad-copters, programmed by computer to fly intricate and high speed patterns while cycling a series of lights on each quad. It was wonderous to watch; it was part "physical" and part "digital", in the end did I care or was I just blown away.

Don't waste time trying to label something. The means of how and where it was created are secondary to the message being conveyed. Just enjoy it.

Digital Art With A Theme

  • The Great Horned Owl
  • Dinokoda Lurking In The Dark
  • The Green Dragon
  • The Garden Of Tranquility
  • Last Rays Of Light Before The Night
  • Hyper Sphere
  • Hidden Lake In The Valley
  • Passageway To Nowhere
  • Enter If You Dare
  • Stargate Special Forces
  • Troll To Stone Makes Good Home
  • Battle Royal
  • Cutter Heading Out To Sea
  • Stormy Seas
  • Vampire Sorceress Roxann, Casting Power Spell
  • Desolation
  • Forgotten Temple
  • Fire Temple
  • Awakenings - Signalling A New Beginning Or A Final End?
  • The Forest Within The Tree
  • Pesky Invaders
  • The Lake House - Serenity Or Doom
  • A View From The Hill
  • Last Flight Of The Day
  • The Light In The Darkness
  • A Quiet Evening With Vampire Lyn
  • Do You Dare Enter Lyn's Chambers?
  • Dragon Statue
  • New Twist On A Guard Dog
  • Steam Punk Miniatures
  • Steam Punk In The Sky
  • It Is Just A Matter Of Picking The Right Door
  • Shadows And Light
  • Sunflowers At Dawn
  • Peaceful Home In The Country
  • Towers Of Magic
  • Terra Farming A New World
  • White Tiger At The Watering Hole
  • Wolf Pups
  • Construction On A World Scale

Abstract Digital Art

  • Digital Tunnel Into The Void
  • Digital Tunnel Into The Void
  • Expanding Sphere - Stare Into It
  • Lite Brite Butterfly
  • Ghosts In The Machine
  • Purple Rings In Sand
  • Alien Reflections
  • Alien Red Reflections
  • I Have A Headache You Will Not Believe
  • Skull In Flames
  • The Changeling
  • Fantasy Castle
  • Celtic Cross
  • Contained Sphere
  • Energy Grid
  • Golden Archway
  • Neon Flowers
  • Grape Dreams
  • Spirograph For The Modern Age
  • Spiro Fine Lines
  • Spirograph Color Wheel
  • If Those Are The Marbles, Who Is The Player?
  • Odd Symetry
  • Down The Orange Wormhole - Or I Have Orange Lifesaver Cravings
  • Purple Infusion
  • Hidden Angels
  • Towers
  • The Tree

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