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John Ritchie ψ Resume

Current Project:
Stock Herald

  • Co-operative stock analysis & investing platform
  • Powerful internet Spyders provide raw news gathering 24/7
  • Microsoft AI processes news to breaking, market, and company; for analysis by the community

Voted C# Corner MVP 2019

For contributing my Software How-To articles to the programming community.
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Professional Summary

Innovative, multi-dimensional IT Professional with 15+ years in software/database development, Web development, and project management. Pivotal technical resource, and solutions driven strategist who consistently improves efficiencies, productivity and the bottom line. Demonstrated success supporting business-critical operations and systems integration for diverse industries/organizations, including Compaq Computer Corporation, Halliburton, Tenneco, Hewlett Packard, IBM, and Enerflex.

  • Skilled at identifying problems in initial stages and executing quick solutions; adept at communicating with developers to resolve product defects.
  • Strong team leader and mentor with a talent for building solid, lasting relationships with clients, vendors, management, staff and end-users.
  • Inventive contributor, with a “make it happen” attitude; always delivering on commitments. Exceptional ability to work well under pressure and complete projects with aggressive time lines
  • Resourceful at automating manual processes to save man-hours, time and increase efficiency.

Key Competencies

Application & Web Development
Database Development
Automation Process Design & Implementation
Embedded Development: BeagleBoard, Rasberry PI, Arduino
Unity - 3D Application Development
Team Lead & Mentoring
Business Process Re-engineering
Project Management
Testing & Quality Assurance
Systems Integration

Technical Skills

C# (WPF MVVM & WinForms), ANSI C, C++, VB.NET, ASP.NET, SQL, Javascript, Python, HTML/CSS, XML
(10+ years experience on all)

Windows(all) MS Server 2K - 2015, Visual Studio (all), Team Foundation Server, Linux, Unix, FreeBSD
MS SQL Server, Azure, MS Access, MySQL, Sybase
(10+ years experience in SQL environment)



Professional Experience


8/2013 - 8/2015

Software Architect / .NET Developer

Main focus was development of a Reciprocating Compressor design software including the production of P&ID’s that would go to the customer. Based on a few data points the software will create the base Reciprocating Compressor design. Software eliminated the usual one to two weeks to send the compressor specifications to the customer. Software allowed customization and modification of the base design to further meet customers needs and a custom developed Engineering library ensured that any and all modifications are within safety design parameters. Application was created in the 4.5 .NET environment utilizing WPF MVVM for a powerful agile application, utilizing Microsoft Azure (cloud storage) for data backend and third party tools for extensibility. Created several tools for the IT and Safety groups to automate their current processes and reporting.

Freelance Software Developer

11/2001 - Present

Software Architect / .NET Developer

I have been a freelance developer (on the side) for most of my professional career which has allowed me to enrich my skill set working on a wide range of projects. Projects ranging from simple software updates, website development / administration, to software development for ground breaking companies. Small emphasis on providing high quality 3D graphics and logo media.

Project Highlights

  • Deep Sea Exploratory Robotic Vessel (DS-ERV)
    • Developed real-time diagnostic / command / control software for dual BeagleBone blacks running Unbuntu Linux. Interfacing with Motors, HD Cameras, Tilt/Axis array to manage pitch/yaw/AOD.
  • Website Development / Modifications
    • Multiple website development, content generation, javascript actions, re-designs, upgrades, and trouble-shooting. Cillis Car Care, Louetta Chiropractic, Top Dog, Fast & Loud Custom Car Creations, Texas Elite Care, and others.
  • Arduino Controlled Greenhouse
    • Engineered and programmed an Arduino based Enviornmental Controller for a 300 sq. ft. Farm-To-Market greenhouse. Control system in ANSI C, C# .NET application for command / control of the facility. MS Access database for historic data gathering. Monitored Humidity, Temperature, Water Levels, and Soil Humidity. System operates vents, blowers, misters, and regulated water flow.
  • Quake USA Software
    • Morse Code Trainer – Selectable speed, frequency, MP3 creation of text to Morse Code.
    • Website Stress Utility – Generate 1 to 1000 users simultaneously navigating the complete site.
    • Q.U.A.R.K. – Unbreakable data encryption software, based on Cold War Spy technique.
    • Custum WPF Status Control – Themed Status control; useful for debugging or user messaging. Features a "lazy message que" to reduce application stress; able to flush control and output to file.
    • WPF Digital Clock – Classic Green Digital clock, large display, custom graphics, self contained, just show / hide when needed.
    • Custom Library – Multiple functions from Logging to Debugging.
  • Halliburton
    • Instrumental in Python development, testing, documentation and enhancement of VMWare control software running on Linux Red Hat.
  • Quake USA Software How-To Articles
    • Data Encryption – Unbreakable encryption based on Cold War Spy algorithm
    • Network Enumeration – Determination of all active network connections
    • Digital Clock – Creation of a custom digital clock
    • Internet IP Crawler – Using Ping services to find and identify active global IP's
    • Spider Web Crawler – Learning to crawl the internet
    • A Tale of Three Widgets – WPF, Observable Collections, Data Binding, and complex automation learner

Wildcat Development

10/2011 - 10/2012

Software Architect / Software Developer

Extensive development in the .NET environment with C# (WPF & Windows Forms) in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate as well as ANSI C on Linux platform. Developed a SCADA system (Supervisory control and data acquisition), utilizing agile development methods and MVVM design pattern in a .NET 4.0 C# environment. Created WPF custom User controls to facilitate complex data displays and timing events. Designed and implemented lightweight module scheme to communicate with scientific equipment designed to measure hydro-carbon content in field samples. The modules were developed in ANSI C utilizing socket and serial communication as well as multi-threading.


8/2010 - 9/2011

Software Architect / .NET Developer

Responsible for image development and deployment of Windows XP and Windows 7 for supported platforms using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit. Created a utility to monitor and retrieve non-compliant PC’s attached to the corporate network utilizing C# and WPF in Visual Studio 2008 and stored the results real-time in an MS Access database. The database results were then displayed via ASP.NET web page on the company intranet for management to assess the progress. Developed an automated utility via VB.NET in Visual Studio 2008 using calls to the Windows Remote Management framework to facilitate the usage and maintenance of the scripting test lab units. The results for this utility were displayed in a dashboard mashup of created web services to monitor what units were used, duration of activity, user signed on to the unit, number of units available, and finally a means to reserve specific units with the information stored in an MS Access database.


7/2006 - 8/2008

Senior IT Developer

Designed and maintained application for the automated retrieval of various data artifacts from third party websites. Utilizing VB.NET in Visual Studio 2005, multi-threading, and database control in MS Access; large quantities of data files and web pages are automatically downloaded according to customer selections. Responsible for defect tracking system (Gemini); installation, administration, and maintenance. Led development team to convert the company website to a SharePoint 2007 portal. Created a web-based dashboard utilizing Silverlight, Prism (MVVM), C# in Visual Studio 2005 for TomorrowNow’s customers; which allowed the customer to view total documents and code changes available for their specific enterprise software.

Hewlett Packard

11/2005 - 7/2006

Software Engineer

Process automation expert, tools development, and Windows CE 5.0 platform development. Developed high quality software in Visual Studio 2005 consistently ahead of scheduled deadlines and maintained a close relationship with quality assurance and core program teams to ensure software met or exceeded expectations. Analyzed manual process and developed strategies utilizing automation and process change to reduce costs and improve quality. Several projects included:

  • Translation Database Management
  • Multi-Part Installation Utility
  • Automated CD Development / Management System

Compaq Computer Corp

6/1987 - 2/1992; 8/1995 - 9/2004

Automation / Software Development Lead

System Integration Dept. Lead; Project Lead

Spearheading automated software localization development and management of all software translations to developing an automated test platform for new windows images across 16 languages that saved thousands of man-hours and increased productivity 300% by designing, implementing, and administrating a test network that became the standard model for all Compaq test groups.

Highlights of Key Accomplishments
  • Received multiple awards for creative thinking that provided measurable cost-savings
  • Designed and implemented automated testing network for Compaq consumer desktops
  • A new standard for test networks was implemented in Compaq System Integration Test that increased productivity over 300% and provided higher project confidence.
  • Created online automated project status reporting, saving time and providing real-time project status for management teams.
  • Eliminated manual testing and improved testing confidence through highly automated test plans.
  • Created a utility that would capture and reproduce installation of Windows applications, saving days of development man-hours
  • Developed tools to expedite the translation of Compaq software including OEM DOS; saving significant development time and reducing time-to-market localized software by 65%.
  • Saved $thousands in translation expenditures by building a translation database that managed, tracked and increased consistency of translations across the software line.
  • Enabled IM team to accurately monitor network status and quickly identify problems by developing Banyan network utilities.
  • Created customized utility for delivering Compaq support library to be shipped to customers without CD capability.

Prior Experience

  • From 1994 - 1995, held Sofware Development Project Manager for Application Systems Inc.
  • From 1993 - 1994, held Software Development Lead for Enron
  • From 1990 - 1992, held Software Development Lead for Tenneco Gas