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Custom Software Development ψ Full Integration Testing Beginning To End = Software That Works!

Development Languages

  • C# (WPF & Forms)
    • 14+ years
  • C++ / ANSI C
    • 20+ years
  • SQL (Server & Azure)
    • 20+ years
    • 17+ years
    • VB6 prior - 10+ years
  • Python
    • 15+ years
  • HTML / CSS
    • 20+ years
  • Javascript
    • 15+ years
  • XML
    • 15+ years
  • MS Access & Excel Office VB
    • 20+ years

Past Projects

Safety System Entry & Reporting

Shop safety is tracked by cards with data fields manually filled out by employees, but no method for tracking, collating, or reporting existed.
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Network Path Correction

Network platform allowed creation of paths that exceeded 255 characters, which is the limit of the backup software being used and the limit of Windows.
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Software to automate the development of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems.
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What's Wrong With Software These Days?

Software is going to be an ever increasing part of our lives, we should be worried.

Today's software is buggy and unreliable! I had to chuckle when I read about the software that was used for the Iowa caucus. To quote the New York Times - Charlie Warzel "Shadow's failure suggests a potentially deadly combination of techno-utopianism and laziness." There are signs of this all around us and it is only getting worse.

Software that is shoved out the door before adequate testing has been done. Software that is designed without regard to proven design patterns and standard programming practices. Software without proper error checking, software diseased by feature-creep, and software written by inexperienced programmers.

I see it every day. Kroger's pharmacy website does not recoginize partial refills remaining, Reliant autopay system gets lost and uses expired payment methods which at the time a user could not delete from the system, broken links, shopping carts that crash, even desktop applications that inexplicably crash. Then there is software for the mobile market...

Feature or Incremental development, or Agile as it is called today; has been my approach to software development since I began programming professionally and C was my language of choice. I learned early on each feature is a building block that is both independent and dependent on other blocks. One bad block and the whole system breaks down. I learned the importance of thoroughly error proofing the code and to functionally test each piece. I learned to build reusable code libraries.

Then the advent of Object Oriented Programming made things really interesting. Objects defined within your code now have their own properties, methods, triggers - breathing life into your software and with it a new level of interaction that needs to be designed correctly and tested thoroughly.

We, the consumer; should demand more and accept nothing less then fully functioning software. You don't want your Iot Refridgerator ordering 70 gallons of milk or your "Smart" Microwave irradiating you when the software limiting the amperage has a bug in it...

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  • Windows Desktop Applications / Automation
  • Database Design
  • Web Site / Application Development
  • Custom Controls & Libraries

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Reciprocating Compressor

Software Architect / .NET Developer

Developed WPF application to automate the design of a reciprocating compressor including engineering P&ID's and the ability to create a custom sites with multiple compressors...

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Process Automation Expert, Tools Development

Matching libraries in C# and ANSI C automate and drive a field ready solid rock hydrocarbon analyzer with multi-sample capability...

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Freelance Software Developer

Deep Sea Exploratory Robotic Vessel (DS-ERV) Command & Control System with black box level operational logging...

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Stock Herald

A new twist to investing. Co-op stock / options investment platform; powered by news gathering internet Spyders and filtered by AI into breaking, company, and market sector news. Coming soon to Wefunder...

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Custom Graphics, Media, & Logos

Custom graphics can be created for your software, website, company media, logos and more. Current Toolset: Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, VUE - The Art of Natural 3D, Carrara, DAZ Studio, Blend for Visual Studio, Hexagon, and more...

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