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A Tale Of Three Widgets - A Measurement System Unit Manager ψ A Software How-To

Quake USA Measurement System Unit Manager a How-To on managing multiple measurement values in software.  This is a .NET WPF C# example

In this article we are going to touch on Observable Collections, Data Binding, Complex Automation, WPF, and Third Party controls. For this program I created three custom widgets, each with some sort of measurement unit attached to it as well as other properties and methods. The first Widget has three Lengths as properties and the user needs the units to be in inches. Well easy enough, slap a text tag "Inche(s)" after the values the user enters and done. Well, not really. What if the user needs to see what the values are in Metric or what if the person entering the values only has the values in feet, and is very bad at multiplication...

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Quake USA Q.U.A.R.K.   Quake USA Q.U.A.R.K. Icon Unbreakable Encryption Software

Quake USA Q.U.A.R.K. Main Screen Unbreakable Encryption Software based on Cold War Spy Algorithm

Q.U.A.R.K. is a simple but powerful encryption utility. For ultimate security, no one will be able to read the message unless you want them to by giving them the "Key". Based on a Cold War Spy Algorithm; Q.U.A.R.K.'s Encryption technique is unbreakable. It can NOT be hacked. It can NOT be brute force decoded.

Email, Skype, Confidential text files - Q.U.A.R.K.'s versatility makes it easy to encode messages on any messenger platform just by using simple copy and paste, e-mails become nonsense except to the person that has the Key, and a list of off-shore bank accounts ;) are yours and yours alone. If it is text it can be encrypted, ensuring that only you and any recipients you entrust with the "Key" can read it.

Ultimate Encryption For An Insecure World
  • Your Parents can't read it
  • Online Bullies can't read it
  • Your Boss can't read it
  • The Police can't read it
  • The Military can't read it
  • The FBI, CIA, MI6, or even Interpol can't read it
  • The Government can't read it

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Quake USA IP Search & Discovery   Quake USA IP Search & Discovery Icon An Internet Search Utility

Quake USA IP Search Main Screen An Internet Search and Discovery Utility

IP Search & Discovery is a powerful utility designed to determine valid IPv4 addresses on the Internet or a local area network.

Despite the advent of IPv6, IPv4 still routes most of the traffic on the Internet. IP Search & Discovery polls for active IP's that represent active connected devices, servers, switches, owned IP pools, government allocated IP pools, and other nefarious devices that have a pre-determined schedule of activity.

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Quake USA Web Pounder   Quake USA Web Pounder Icon Web Site Stress Test Utility

Quake USA Web Pounder Main Screen A Utility For Stress Testing Web Sites

Web Pounder is a web site stress tool. It can simulate between 1 and 1000 sessions - each session acts as a user navigating to and downloading each page of a selected URL.

Multiple intances of Web Pounder can be executed to multiply the stress factor. Running two instances simulates 2000 users, three instances - up to 3000 users, and so on...

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Crawling The Web For Stock News ψ
Fool For Naught...

I attended a seminar on playing the bounce on Penny Stocks based on news gathered. This sounded really good to me until I saw the price tag! Almost $4000 for a year subscription. I created a custom web crawler that scans the web for news on over 2500 stocks.
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Creating A Morse Code Trainer ψ
Fool For Naught...

Even with the advent of digital communications Morse Code still remains alive and well in the world today with Ham radio operators, but even so it also is a form of emergency communication that can be of use in all sorts of situations. The famous S.O.S., associated with such phrases as "Save Our Souls" or "Save Our Ship" is the Morse code distress signal. The current form of morse
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Who Is On My Network - Network Device Discovery ψ
A Software How-To

Ever feeling a bit paranoid and wonder just what or who is connected to your network??? I do, that's why I decided to do a little fun programming and came up with Communication Manager.
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Make A Spiderbot - Crawling The Web ψ
A Software How-To

The heavy lifting in this program is done with a third party tool Spider from Chilkat Software. Did I mention it is a free component!! This leaves you (the programmer) to concentrate on the fun stuff like putting Spider into action.
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IP Search and Discovery Utility ψ
A Software How-To

Ever wonder what is out there, the Internet that is. Here is a little utility that will find and identify valid IP addresses. There is really not much to this program. It is a simple loop to cycle through all the IP addresses

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Create A Custom Digital Clock ψ
A Software How-To

I wanted an alarm clock that would play an MP3 of my choice and could be turned up real loud to wake me up. I wanted the ability to have multiple alarms as well. This is a C#, WPF application with quite a few options

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Using A Cold War Spy Algorithm For Cryptography ψ
A Software How-To

If you have seen "The Numbers Station" with John Cusack and Malin Akerman, then you are familiar with our next topic. The central theme of the movie was about a sending coded messages to covert operatives using a technique similar to the One-time pad.

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