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Stock Herald Overview

Introduction ψ Quake USA Stock Herald

What Makes Stocks Move?

Company news, Industries, Financial Sectors, Politics, Governments, World Affairs; just to name a few. Company news can be new product announcements, hiring or firing of key management, financial forecasts, legal issues, and even public opinion; to name a few. Advancements in industries can make new business over night or leave others obsolete. Financial sectors, current political issues, governments, and global affairs all can and has determined the fate of the stock market.

Charts and candlesticks can be viewed, filters can be applied to hopefully find patterns, but how long or even if the stock keeps following the pattern is still a guess. But what do the patterns really show? They reflect the buying and selling of the underlying stock. The buying and selling are directly related to people that know something about the stock, whether they know directly or are watching those that are usually in the know.

People like Warren Buffett do not buy stock on patterns, they research the companies – a company’s current stance going through some future date, knowledge of new products or technologies emerging; information is what they use.

News is the real mover and Information is the real power. How does one capture the news they need? Subscriptions to hundreds of news services, watching of dozens of news channels, constantly surfing the web for breaking news; and an infinite amount of time to read it; all to find the information needed. There is a better way.

Quake USA Stock Herald scans the internet continuously; intelligently capturing the news and presenting the information in an intuitive quick to scan way. Quake USA Stock Herald provides a new spin on investing for the average investor to be part of a larger base as a co-operative investment platform. A “Think-Tank” for investing, with the common goal of everyone profits.

The Platform

Quake USA Stock Herald is a dual platform operation. The first part – Headline Hunter, is an intelligent, news gathering engine; and the second part – The Trading Post, is an investment co-operative.

Headline Hunter

Headline Hunter consists of a powerful Internet Spider that continuously crawls hundreds of thousands of websites hunting for news articles. The output of the Spider is analyzed by an ever-evolving AI that populates the database, making the most relevant information available to the user. All news will be “Kardashian” free.

The Trading Post

The Trading Post is a community comprised trading platform dealing with Stocks and Options (US Market only) that will make it easy for everyone to be part of large financial transactions to maximize profits while minimizing transaction fees. The Trading Post forum will be a collaboration of minds analyzing the news for the best investments and acting on the collective vote on which interests to pursue. Quake USA Stock Herald will invest in collective interests and the transactions be stored in the “Global Account”.

How It Works

Headline Hunter

Headline Hunter is available on a weekly basis for $2.50. A week consists of Monday thru the following Sunday. There will be different payment plans available to pay in advance or as you go, but you decide when you want to use your weeks. Headline Hunter information is displayed in three sections:

  • New news pertaining to any company on the Stock Exchange
  • Financial sectors news
  • Headline and Breaking news

The Trading Post

The Trading Post is a member only (U.S. Citizens only) collaborative investment platform, specializing in Stocks and Options. A minimum of $250.00 to open an account of which $50 is a non-refundable onetime membership fee and the $200 opens your trading account. Note that the Global Account is separate from individual accounts. The Global Account status shows the summary of all Quake USA Stock Herald investments to date. From Trading Post landing page:

  • You will be able to access your secure account
  • View the Global Account statistics
  • Join in the forum
  • Vote on communal investments up for review
  • View Headline Hunter information (Headline Hunter is free to The Trading Post members)
  • Access investment how-to articles

Why Choose Quake USA Stock Herald?

There are more subscription services out there than you can shake a stick at, most promise great returns with their “special” formula, or how their gurus predicted this and that from the past. Problem is most of these get rich from subscriptions and don’t even pursue what they recommend to their subscribers. I also happen to think that if I had $1000 to $3000, I would rather invest it then pay for a subscription that tells me what to invest in.

Quake USA Stock Herald minimizes fees and works on the principle that the better the community works, the more profitable the company becomes and in return so do the members. Based on profits, bi-annual profit sharing is planned for all investors. Profit sharing will only be for investors of Quake USA Stock Herald.

Who Am I?

I am John Ritchie a Software Architect / .NET Developer and a programmer of multiple languages over a 40-year career. I specialize in automating large scale manual systems and/or complex processes. In particular I have a lot of experience with large scale information gathering from the internet.

To keep a long story short, I’ve purchased stock subscription services in the past, resulting in little success. The recommended stock had a price too high for my meager investment fund and/or, a financial emergency occurred resulting in depleting my investment account; and thus the subscription became wasted money… Other services require too high of an investment account; $10K - $25K minimum in most instances.

I did find one service two years ago that was rather interesting. I did not purchase the subscription but the idea behind it got me working. This service was selling a subscription to weekly news for small cap stocks. Their premise was using the news to determine if any stocks on the list had the potential to move. Target stocks would then be bought on Friday before market close or first thing Monday - good news, bad news it did not matter; what was important was it predicted the direction of the stock movement.

I decided to test this. I downloaded 350 companies that were at the time going for $15.00 or below and used this to auto populate a search engine with the company name, navigated to the links and reviewed the resulting html. As I reviewed the information it became very apparent news just did not move stocks on Friday or Monday, news directly related to a company can happen on any day and that day the stock will move (if the market is open) in direct relation to the news. From this revelation the idea for Quake USA Stock Herald began. Implement an engine capable of continuously scanning hundreds of thousands of websites for information. Intelligently filter and store only the news that matters and then present the information in an easy to scan web page.

Stock Herald Presentation

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Stock Herald Development Timeline

Development for Stock Herald has been broken down into three phases.
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Coming To Wefunder

Quake USA Stock Herald crowd=funding coming soon to Wefunder.